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Our Values

Our Values

BP Heavy Duty VALUES

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Fix it Right the First Time

No one enjoys having to take time out of their day to focus on vehicle repairs. Booking appointments, getting the vehicle to a shop, making arrangements for alternative transport, juggling schedules to deal with the whole thing – it’s all a bit much! And it’s worse when you have to keep doing it…

This is why we strive to limit downtime for every vehicle brought into our shop, by addressing a customer’s concerns, finding the root cause of those concerns, and creating a plan for how best to correct the problem. We want to fix it right the first time!

How do we do it?

Our experienced technicians begin with a diagnosis, using information gathered by our service writers from clients about a vehicle’s symptoms and history, as well as the client’s driving habits and experiences with the vehicle. This info helps establish a baseline that the technician then uses to root out the problem. From there, a plan is formed to address the client’s concerns. This plan will include an explanation of the issue and its probable cause, a quote regarding the costs of parts and labor associated with recommended repairs or services, and a timeline for when the client can expect to have work on their vehicle performed.

It sounds very direct and straightforward, but this process is often a conversation between shop staff and our clients as we strive to accommodate schedules and budgets.

Our goal is to address your concerns on the first visit, performing only the work that is necessary, and which the client agrees to have performed!

Value Matters More Than Cost

It’s not a crime to want to save money – in fact, spending wisely is nothing to sniff at. We believe that the value of something should be reflected in its cost, rather than cost just serving as some artificial inflation to line the pockets of a corporation.

But we also accept that appropriately valued goods and services will come with an properly leveled price tag that reflects the quality of work put into them.

For example: premium parts will have a higher initial cost than economy line parts, but the premium parts will also come with added value for their higher price tag. This value is present in the form of longer, more encompassing warranties, and – quite simply – the parts lasting longer and having to be replaced less often, due to the  quality of workmanship used in creating them. The premium parts may cost more at the point of purchase, but if the economy parts need to be replaced more often during the same time period (and if they have limited or no warranty for replacement) then in the end you lose money by buying the economy parts, because you have to keep buying them.

We want to make sure you get what you’re paying for, and that is why our quotes and estimates are always based on the cost of premium parts. We will always strive to work with clients on limited budgets, finding that wiggle room, but we will also encourage you to buy something worth your money, to consider investing for the longterm, and to make your decisions based on value and quality, not just cost.

Strong Investments are the Roots of Longterm Growth

Plants grow best if you water them, make sure they get enough sunlight, and root them in the appropriate soil. Similarly, a business can better maintain itself and its employees when it has all the proper resources to do so. With all the right factors in all the right places, both can grow to reach incredible heights!

Our business makes longterm investments every day. These appear in the form of ongoing employee training, versatile shop management software, sustainable recycling programs, the use of premium quality parts in our work, staying up to date on the latest industry technology, the purchase of equipment that allows us to better serve the needs of our clients… the list goes on!

But it’s not all about us. Our business would not exist without our customers, and they bring assets to the table as well, and their own willingness to invest.

We believe that if we are willing to stand side by side with our clients, making sound recommendations and putting our money where our mouth is, they will do the same. Investing in ourselves means we can invest in each other. It is in everyone’s best interest to build one another up, and to help contribute to the cause – even when that cause is something that seems as mundane as making sure quality work is done, and paid for in a way that reflects that quality.

When a client hires us to perform a service for them, they are not just buying that service – they are investing in the growth of our business, and that growth means we can offer them better and broader services as we move into the future together.

Genuine Relationships

Quite bluntly, our business would not exist without customers to sustain it. No business would. We appreciate the gift of our clients’ support, but more than that we respect it, and realize that your support is something we need to earn.

This isn’t just about doing good business – it’s about doing good, period. In a small community like ours, genuine connections are fostered by honesty and accountability, understanding and communication. We do not believe in artificial facades, or forced familiarity. We want to take the time to get to know you.

We want to have a close working relationship with each and every one of our clients. We are excited to find out who is expecting a new baby, just as we grieve alongside those experiencing the loss of an elder. We work hard to accommodate the long days of local farmers, employing the use of an after hours key drop off and even offering remote equipment service direct to your property. We want to know all the ins and outs of a customer’s vehicle, what it means to them and how much they have put into it. If you’ve got a plan, we want to know about everything that plays into it.

Each client is not just a customer to us, but a fellow human being with a name and a personality, their own unique plans and goals… And we earnestly want to know how best our company can help serve those goals.

Community Values Mean Valuing Our Community

Running a business in a small town isn’t just about setting up shop, hanging a sign, and offering a service to local residents. It’s about competing with similar businesses in nearby urban centers, companies which are often able to entice local clientele away with kitschy gimmicks, corner-cutting low prices, and immediate-gratification convenience.

We want you to bring your vehicles here, but not just because we’re here. We want you to choose us because we are the best fit for you, and because money circulating through the local economy stimulates not just our own business, but every business we come into contact with. Money paid for an oil change at BP Heavy Duty will quickly find itself being spent on groceries at Riverside Market, then later filling a gas tank at the local UFA. Studies show that locally owned business put as much as 80% of their own income directly back into their communities.

We believe there is room for every business in the Milk River area to grow and prosper, and we see our place as one of many vital links in a chain of interactions. Growing businesses mean increased job opportunities, which play a crucial role in enticing new residents to our location, which can also result in more families settling down, leading to schools staying open due to higher demand from a larger, more stable population, and with a larger population comes a greater demand for more services. Every single step along the way is a contribution, and it all adds up!

A Good Business Maintains Profit

A business that consistently finds itself in the red won’t be a business that stays open for long. Financial loss just isn’t a viable, sustainable model. So long as we exist in a capitalist world, a company that wants to keep its doors open must be a company that earns more than it spends.

Profit is important to us. Profit means we can keep the lights on, continue to pay our staff, and readily purchase components for repairs. But we also believe in giving our clients value for their dollars, and we certainly don’t abide by gimmicks like loss-leader sales, or bullying a client to make unnecessary purchases.

So how do we ensure profit?

Simple: we charge the right amount for the right parts or labor to go with the right job at the right time.

We don’t need to back our clients into a corner or hit them with high-pressure sales tactics to keep our business functioning. There is a perfectly sustainable market present in the Milk River area, providing our repair shop with ample opportunities to earn its keep. We believe that if we do our jobs, and do them well, then workflow and accurately, fairly determined margins between cost and price will naturally result in profit.

No tricks, no lies. Just sound work and sound math. All we have to do is stick to the numbers.

Competition is Healthy

When it comes to automotive repair and maintenance, we definitely want to be our customers’ first choice, but we don’t want that to be just because we’re their only choice…

There’s no reason for competition between businesses to be malicious. In fact, it can be quite healthy, especially when two or more companies with similar markets see one another as the driving force to do better work, offering greater services for equivalent pricing, and maintaining a high standard of industry. Friendly competition encourages growth, diversity, and improvement. It also empowers customers to make the best decisions for themselves, because they genuinely have a choice in where they shop.

We also believe that competition should not be a race to the bottom. We do not believe in undercutting prices or the quality of our work just to keep customers to ourselves. We won’t offer to beat the labor rates of the competition – but we will endeavor to make sure our customers get service that is worth every dollar they spend. The value of our industry is determined by more than just a price tag or a bottom line. What you get for money spent is important, too.

We believe that competition should drive us to be our best selves, not sell out or cheapen our worth. We offer a high level of value for services performed by our shop, and we believe that by charging accordingly for that value, we encourage those around us to step up to the plate and do the same. That’s certainly how we see it when our competitors put their best work forward.