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Why Should You Do Business With BP Heavy Duty?

Why Should You Do Business With BP Heavy Duty?

Why Should You Do Business With BP Heavy Duty?

How We Add Value to Our Company and Business Practices

We Hold Valid Accreditation

Possessing valid AMVIC and CVIP licenses, employing certified technicians, and insuring our premises and company vehicles are all part of legitimizing our business.

We Encourage Ongoing Employee Development

Continual staff training ensures our company remains relevant and current, staying at the leading edge of our industry as practices and standards evolve and grow.

We Possess Knowledge Gained Through Direct Experience

A long history of field experience across a variety of vehicles and assorted equipment has taught us much. Our shop technicians boast an impressive 40+ years of industry experience between themselves, as well as access to world-wide databases, forums, and technical service bulletins.

We Can Come to You

We offer remote work, employing a full time mobile service truck with a dedicated technician. Agricultural, heavy duty, commercial service… we’ll work on anything, anywhere!

We Retain Comprehensive Records

Up to date record keeping, including complete vehicle repair history, allows us to focus on the unique needs and circumstances of each client.

We Build Honest Relationships

We work hard to build genuine relationships with clients to understand their needs, budgets, schedules, and how best we can accommodate these things. This is because we genuinely care about keeping a client’s vehicle running for as long as they choose to run it.

We Respect Customer Agency

Keeping our customers informed about their vehicle’s condition allows them to have full agency over the work performed – we offer up the best advice and clear plans, but how to proceed is always the client’s choice.

We Offer Value-Added Services

Whenever we are able, we will add value to our client’s experience with small repairs, discounts, quick fixes, combined labor on major repairs, and consultations – a five minute conversation with an experienced technician asking the right questions can lead to better understanding about a particular situation, and how it should be handled.

We Focus on Longterm Vehicle Longevity

Interactive parts replacement – where highly interactive parts are being replaced, we will recommended replacement of all interactive components in order to give the system a clean slate and a good, strong baseline. There’s no point replacing one defective part, then letting the new one wear out prematurely because of unaddressed replacements somewhere else along the chain.